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Spring into action and sell or let your home


Welcome to your March newsletter. This month we reveal our top tips to prepare your home for selling in spring, we help you find your perfect property, introduce you to our newest recruit to the Kings team and offer an eggselent Easter incentive for landlords.

See our property of the month below...

Seasons Greeting from Kings!


Seasons Greeting from Kings!


Stop! Don’t do anything until you hear about our 0.85% plus VAT commission rate


Welcome to the second issue of Kings Insight, your way of staying in touch with the latest property developments in Tunbridge Wells and the biggest industry stories nationally.

Now, what was that we said about a 0.85% preferential selling rate? As the nights are drawing in we thought you might need a bit of cheer – and so until the end of October we’re offering that fantastic rate to anyone and everyone who sells their property through us and quotes this newsletter (T&Cs apply). See the story below for more details.

There's more good news in that we're moving away from long-term contracts - if you appoint us and then wish to advertise your property elsewhere, you now only have to give us seven days' notice. A fair deal, we think?

Let’s get on with the issue and see what’s happening in property – and don’t forget to subscribe to our Hot Properties alerts, which we will only use for urgent news about outstanding local opportunities.

Launching Kings Insight, your monthly guide to property in Tunbridge Wells


Welcome to the first issue of Kings Insight, the monthly e-newsletter that packs property intelligence, tips and reader offers into one bulletin emailed straight to your inbox.

Since the late 1970s, Kings has prided itself on the personal service offered by its family business, and today we extend that service with a new way of reaching out to clients. Each month we’ll bring you market news, columnists, advice and competitions – all aimed specifically at vendors and landlords. In this issue we introduce our new team members, examine the latest trends in asking prices, begin our series on tips for letting your property and offer you the chance to win one of two fabulous books. 

Our investment in new software from Brief Your Market means we can tailor the content of articles to you, so that vendors only read information about selling their homes, and landlords only see stories about letting their properties. We’ll do all we can to make it a relevant read each month – but of course you can unsubscribe any time. And don’t forget to subscribe to our Hot Properties alerts, which we will only use for urgent news about outstanding local opportunities.

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